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EP30 MAJ Ben Siems

EP30 MAJ Ben Siems

Army Holistic Health and Fitness

MAJ Ben Siems is a highly experienced coach with diverse qualifications and expertise. With a Master's degree in Human Performance, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), and countless certifications, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his work. While specializing in working with tactical Athletes such as law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS personnel, and military personnel, Ben also has extensive experience working with clients of all ages and abilities, including competitive and non-competitive youth and adults.  Having served in the Army National Guard for 23 years, including ten years in the Infantry and the last 13 years in the Nurse Corps. He serves as the Holistic Health and Fitness Coordinator and Human Performance Integrator for the Army National Guard. In our conversation with him, we explore what Holistic Health and Fitness is and how the Army integrates them into building individual Soldiers. 

The Raven Report
The Raven Report Podcast
This is the official podcast of the 81st Stryker Brigade of the Washington National Guard. We seek to cultivate a culture of excellence by investing heavily in our Soldiers. In these episodes, you will find those that have displayed the audacity, intelligence, and durability we seek to instill in the Cascade Rifles.
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